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President, Northwest


Andrew serves as the President of Revive’s Northwest division, Crown Utilities, where he is responsible for the management and strategic direction of Crown. Previously, Andrew served as the Director of Operations for Crown, which he co-founded in 2019, and was sold to Revive Holdings in December 2021.

Andrew started his telecommunications career in 2007 as a laborer in Twin Falls, Idaho and has extensive experience managing large-scale master service agreements throughout Idaho and has forged strong relationships with several key customers. Additionally, Andrew has been part of many RUS projects in Montana, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, California, and Washington and has supervised several large-scale line builds throughout the mountain west.


Vice President, Project Division


Justin serves as the Vice President, Project Division where he is responsible for all Magic Valley operations using his experience and strong working relationships with local utility providers.

Justin has over 25 years of experience in the telecommunications industry and has worked for various customers across the country, including using his knowledge to help them complete multiple government contracts. Justin began his career as a laborer in 1996. In 2015, Justin was named the general manager of bid projects and successfully delivered multiple large-scale RUS projects acting as an estimator, operator, and on-site manager. In 2019, Justin co-founded Elite Utilities and Trenching which was sold to Revive Holdings in January 2022.


Vice President, Construction


Ron serves as Vice President, Construction where he is responsible for large projects and MSA work.

Ron started in the telecommunications industry in 1995 as a laborer working line extension projects for several telecommunications customers. He worked his way up the ladder and held the position of foreman & supervisor for ten years. In 2005 Ron transitioned to oversee master service agreements with telecommunications customers based in the Treasure Valley. Ron has supervised many large-scale telecommunications projects across the western United States and possesses a deep knowledge of underground and aerial construction. In 2019 Ron co-founded Crown Utilities which was sold to Revive Holdings in December 2021.


Joint Trench Division Manager


Elias serves as Joint Trench Division Manager where he is responsible for the Idaho State Joint Utilities contract.

Elias began his utility career in 1998 as a laborer in the Treasure Valley. In 1999, he was promoted to an operator in the joint trench division. In 2001, he transferred to the telecommunications division as a foreman working day to day projects installing communication lines to residential and commercial customers. Elias transferred back to the joint trench division in 2004 as a foreman. In 2013, Elias was promoted to supervisor and in 2014 was promoted to manager. A majority of his career has been spent installing/managing contracts with natural gas, power, and telecommunications providers. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience with several key customers.


Senior Project Manager


Patches serves as Senior Project Manager where he serves as an operator and on-site supervisor and is responsible for working with local agencies to ensure all work is being performed to specifications and is accurately accounted for and red-lined.

Patches began his utility career in Twin Falls, Idaho. Starting as a foreman and operator, he led a team of crews in various utility installation projects. In 2008, Patches joined the Idaho National Guard as a heavy equipment operator responsible for installing underground and aerial cable. Between 2003 and 2010, Patches was also actively enlisted overseas in Iraq in 2005 and helped patrol, train the Iraqi Police, and conduct battalion raids. Patches returned to southern Idaho as an operator, installing telecommunications and transmission lines via directional drill, cable plow, backhoe, and large excavators. He was promoted to Project Manager in 2017 and oversaw several large-scale RUS fiber builds. In 2019 he co-founded Elite Utilities and Trenching which was sold to Revive Holdings in January 2022.


Fleet Manager


Ralph serves as Fleet Manager where he is responsible for all aspects of Crown’s fleet division, ranging from equipment maintenance to capital expenditures.

Ralph has more than 50 years of experience in the telecommunications industry, beginning his career as a laborer in 1970. Ralph has held various roles during his career, most notably, as a foreman on large-scale projects, then moving into a project management role. He has held different supervisor roles ranging from regional manager to joint trench manager and worked simultaneously with all large utility providers in the Treasure Valley. In 2018, Ralph went back into the field and trained and managed a new era of project managers and operators. In 2019 Ralph co-founded Elite Utilities and Trenching which was sold to Revive Holdings in January 2022.


State Manager, Idaho


Bob began his career in the utility industry as a laborer in 2004, working in the joint trench and natural gas divisions, where he quickly rose to the role of foreman. After pivoting to telecommunications, he began supervising several large-scale projects in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Wyoming. In 2011, Bob ran operations in eastern Idaho, providing routine maintenance and new installations for several customers. Bob moved to the Treasure Valley in 2014 and took on a management role for one of the primary telecom providers before founding Triple R Excavation and Utilities. Triple R provided similar services, and Bob quickly became a valued subcontractor in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Wyoming. In 2021, Triple R was acquired by Elite Utilities and Trenching, where he helped execute several large-scale projects. Bob joined Crown Utilities in January of 2022 as a part of Revive Infrastructures' acquisition of Elite Utilities and Trenching.


State Manager, Washington


Daniel serves as Washington State Manager, responsible for all utility operations. Daniel began his telecom career in 2014 after graduating at the top of his class at Northwest Lineman College. Quickly rising through the ranks and increasing his responsibilities, Daniel worked his way up from a Groundman, to an Aerial Line Foreman, to a supervisor and now as the Washington State Manager. When Crown Utilities was founded, Daniel was a natural choice as one of Crown’s first employees. With his solid experience ranging from large-scale projects, underground to aerial, his broad knowledge of the utility industry is unsurpassed.

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Mike serves as the Controller of Revive’s Northwest division, Crown Utilities, where he is responsible for the accounting, finance, and helping with the strategic direction of Crown.

Mike has over 35 years of experience in accounting and finance. For the past eight years Mike was President and owner of a fiber pulling and splicing company which was sold to Revive Holdings in May 2023. Mike has more than 12 years of experience in the utility construction industry. Mike has been involved in accounting and finance in the grocery industry, manufacturing, and several startup companies. Mike has a BA in Finance from Boise State University.

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Senior Advisor


Ken serves as Senior Advisor where he is responsible for estimating and training of management. Previously, Ken served as President of Crown, which he co-founded in 2019, and was sold to Revive Holdings in December 2021.

Ken has nearly 40 years of experience in the utility industry, beginning his career in 1983 in California. Ken has held numerous positions during the course of his career, including laborer, operator, foreman, supervisor, safety director, Idaho State Manager, Vice President, and co-founder and President of Crown Utilities. He has a wealth of knowledge ranging from RUS, long line fiber projects, MSA work, and Design Builds. Ken is an expert at bidding and performing RUS projects and MSA contracts.

Meet the Team: Meet the Team
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